Guardian G1400

Additional Weatherproof Camera for the Uniden G1420 4.3″ Digital Wireless Surveillance System with Remote Viewing via Skype™


This additional camera is the perfect add on to the Uniden G1420 Guardian Digital Wireless Surveillance System. This system has a 4.3″ colour screen designed to enable you to easily keep a close watch on your property, inside and out. The system is suitable for Home and Business surveillance and uses a high quality digital encrypted transmission signal. This protects against eavesdropping and hacking for added Peace of Mind. This system even lets you remotely view your property on a smart phone from anywhere in the world.

That’s right, monitor the safety of your property from anywhere in the world securely through the FREE Skypeâ„¢ App (iPhone®, iPad®, Androidâ„¢, Windows®). Simply just download the App or view using Skypeâ„¢ on your computer

The G1420 system includes a 4.3″ Colour LCD Monitor with up to 150 metre range from the cameras. It also includes two Weatherproof Cameras and can be expanded up to a total of 4 cameras if desired. There is even a “walkie talkie” function which enables you to speak 2-way between the camera and the monitor.

The surveillance footage can be recorded directly onto the 4GB micro SD card included and with Ultra Night Vision the cameras record just as easily in darkness as they do during daytime. There are a range of viewing options on the monitor for your convenience – Quad (Four cameras can be viewed at once if 4 cameras are connected to the system), Auto Scan (each camera’s view is progressively and automatically shown on the monitor) and Individual Views (each individual camera’s view is shown). The monitor also has an AV Out function so that you can display the footage onto a larger LCD, LED or Plasma screen.

In summary the G1420 is a compact, wireless surveillance solution designed for households and small business that need a user friendly, high quality system capable of being viewed on the 4.3″ monitor or anywhere, anytime using Skypeâ„¢

The G1400 is an additional camera only to expand the Guardian G1420 system. Up to a total of 4 cameras can operate in the system.

Skypeâ„¢ is a trademark of Skype. Uniden Australia Pty Ltd and Uniden New Zealand Limited are not affiliated, sponsored, authorised or otherwise associates by or with the Skype group of companies.
  • Wireless A/V Transmission from Camera to Monitor
    -Wireless up to 150 mtrs
    -Secure, digital & interference-free transmission (FHSS)
    -2.4GHz digital FHSS transmission
    -Multi-Position Mounting bracket (wall or ceiling)
  • Scheduled, Motion Detection and Manual Record Modes allow recording of up to 4 Cameras
    -Record footage direct to micro SD Card (4GB micro SD card included)
  • Remote Viewing, Anywhere. Anytime. Via Skypeâ„¢
    -Compatible with: iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, Androidâ„¢, Windows® devices and PCs.
  • Weatherproof Camera
    – Infrared LEDs for Ultra Night Vision
    – up to 12 metres in total darkness with PIR Sensor
    – Infrared Cut Filter Switch for true daytime colour
    – High Quality Video and Pictures
    – Zoom button: 2 x Digital Zoom of live video
    – Transmit up to 150 mtrs to LCD control panel
    – System supports up to 4 cameras (2 included)
  • Quad, Auto Scan or Individual Views
  • AV Out to Display on a Larger LCD, LED or Plasma Screen
  • 1 x Weatherproof Camera with Ultra Night Vision
  • 1 x Multi-Position Mounting Brackets
  • 3 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual