Internet Enabled Smart Baby Monitors

Uniden advises consumers purchasing any Internet enabled products to follow these steps below to ensure the product and software is setup correctly and is a further way to be protected from unauthorised access of your connected products.

  1. Change default passwords on all devices and applications where possible.
  2. Choose a unique password that includes a combination of upper case, lower case letters,
    numbers and special characters.
  3. Enable auto software updates on devices and apps to ensure it’s running the most up-to-date
  4. Install manufacturer approved apps or software. Uniden provides free-to-download apps with
    all app enabled devices
  5. Change the router’s users name and password. Refer to the user manual on how to change
    both username and password or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to help
  6. Set-up access control through the router, so only known devices can connect to Wi-Fi.