Operational Under Power Failure COnditions

SS E30

Sight & Sound Enhanced Corded Phone





Uniden’s Sight & Sound Enhanced Corded Phone is engineered with the finest quality and features.

This attractive and slimline phone offers the convenience and reliability of a corded phone. Easy to use, the SSE 30 features enhanced visual ringer that flashes during incoming calls.

The SSE 30 is operational even under power failure conditions and unexpected power failures which are essential or alternatively you can use it as a backup to your cordless phone. This product is designed and engineered by Uniden providing the most superior sound quality that a corded phone has to offer.

Key Features
Enhanced Visual Ringer that Flashes During Incoming Calls
Amplified Audio Boost (at the touch of a button)
Option to Off Ringers
Mute Option
Wall Mountable
Operational Under Power Failure Conditions