Optional Repeater Station




Introducing the new X Factor in Cordless Phone Technology. The XDECT R002 is an additional Internal stand alone Repeater Station. The Repeater Station allows you to Extend the Range and Coverage from the Main Base by Daisy Chaining the signal to each Additional Repeater Station.

Designed and engineered in Japan for the world launch in Australia and New Zealand where distance is everything. Uniden's XDECT R002 has been purpose built for Australia and New Zealand. Ideal for high-density urban living - the XDECT range is wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Friendly meaning the cordless phone will not interfere with other wireless networks in the surrounding area.

The Optional Repeater Station is compatible with:

XDECT R055 Series

XDECT R035BT Series

XDECT 83XX Series

XDECT 81XX Series

XDECT 80XX Series

Elite 91XX Series

Uniden's quality and performance make the XDECT R Series Cordless Phones the flagship of Cordless telecommunications worldwide.

Suggested Retail: $69.95

The XDECT R002 is an Indoor Repeater Station which works in conjunction with the XDECT R0xx series

Key Features
XDECT Digital Technology Phone System
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Extended Coverage
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Friendly
Additional Features:
Wall / Desk Mountable
Dimensions - Repeater: 100mm (H) X 100mm (W) X 30mm (D)

This product is an Indoor Repeater Station to enable you to expand and enjoy all the features of your Uniden XDECT R Series Cordless Phones.