Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Control Indoor Unit


Partnering with Motorola Pets, Uniden is set to release new and innovative products to monitor and train your pet.

The Bark 500U is an ultrasonic anti-bark control indoor unit bark featuring an instant feedback that is easy to use and can help control your dog’s behaviour. The Bark 500U releases an ultrasonic sound, inaudible to the human ear that is quick and effective means of training and reinforcing obedient commands, solving common problems.

It includes a magnetic base for easy sound direction adjustment and can also be wall mounted to set it in place where the dog is often playing excessive barking. Used in the house or on the dog as a remote trainer.

Bark 500U is equipped with a built-in sensor that corrects and discourages misbehaviours such as excessive barking, jumping on guests. If your dog continues to bark, the unit will emit a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that startling and harmless.

The high frequency sound is designed to alert your dog’s misbehaviour, above a human’s range of hearing. The dual vibration mode alerts your dog before the sound is activated. Shock-free anti-bark indoor unit is a tool to reduce your dog’s barking inside, giving you the ability to enjoy the peacefulness in your household again.

  • Ultrasonic Sound Deterrent (Inaudible to Humans)
  • Magnetic Base for Easy Sound Direction Adjustment
  • Allows natural barking for 5 seconds
  • 3 levels of ultrasonic correction – low, medium and high
  • Auto Bark Deterrent Only Activated by a dog’s Bark
  • Manual Operation for Other Problem Behaviours
  • Wall Mountable
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Bark Ball Unit
  • 1 x Magnetic Mounting Base
  • 1 x User’s Guide