Bluetooth Microphone, Wireless PTT and Corded Earpiece MIC


What better way than to stay connected on your new Uniden UHF Radio than by bluetooth wireless communication. Now this is a reality with the new Bluetooth Microphone and wireless PTT with earpiece microphone. Remain connected to both your mobile phone and Bluetooth Microphone with an optional wireless headset / carkit.

You can remain connected to both your Mobile Phone and BT MIC with an Optional Wireless Headset†.

† Press the Remote PTT button whenever you speak through the earpiece or optional Headset/Car Kit – but you are no longer tied down by the MIC cord.

* Bluetooth Class 2 maximum typical range. Effective range may vary due to conditions.

** This function depends on the specifications of your Bluetooth Headset/Car Kit. Compatibility and full operation is not guaranteed.

  • Wireless (Bluetooth) PTT with Headset: Free yourself from the MIC cord – listen and reply to calls from up to 10m away
  • Standard 3-Button MIC Operation: Use the Corded Microphone’s PTT, CALL and INSTANT keys at any time
  • Compatible with Optional Bluetooth Headset/Car Kit: Supports HSP Headset Profile for connecting an optional Bluetooth Headset/Car Kit in place of the Corded Earpiece. If the optional Bluetooth Headset/Car Kit supports multiple devices then you may remain connected to both your Mobile Phone and Bluetooth MIC at the same time
  • This unit has been Designed and Engineered in Japan and Built Rugged for both Australian and New Zealand conditions.
  • Compatible with the following UH7700NB Models:(UH7700NB / UH7740NB / UH7750NB)
  • 1 x Bluetooth MIC (BM-100)
  • 1 x Remote PTT
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Earpiece MIC
  • 1 x Microphone Hanger


Bluetooth Microphone Kit is compatible with the UH7700NB, UH7740NB and UH7750NB UHF Mobile Radios