Dash View® 40R

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3-In-1 Dash Camera – 4K Ultra HD Smart Dash Cam with FULL HD  Rear View  and Internal Cabin Camera

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Capture crisp and detailed video in bright and low-light road conditions with the release of Uniden’s state-of-the-art voice guidance Dash View 40R Smart Dash Cam. This is a 3-in-1 Dash Cam offering you to ability record the front, rear and inside your vehicle all at once to capture your version of events on the road. Built using Japanese engineering technology and designed for Australian road conditions, the slim and stylish design can be discreetly positioned inside vehicles for a more luxurious in-car experience.

In the first of the next generation series of smart dash cameras introduced by Uniden, the ultra-compact Dash View 40R features a 4K Video Resolution Front Camera, FULL HD Cabin Camera and Full HD rear camera on the Dash View 40R. The addition of Sony’s Starvis Image Sensor provides back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for optimum video quality and with WDR allowing you to capture clearer vision in bright and low light environments. This premium technology ensures the Dash View 60R deliver high video quality in visible-light and near infrared light regions.

The Dash View 40R has a 2.85” Wide Angle Colour LCD Screen, wide enough to playback any footage in your while you are in your car. What makes this Dash Cam so special is the WiFI Function , allowing you to directly transfer footage, preview and even record via your smartphone or tablet using the free Uniden app for the dash cam. This is a handy feature as you don’t have to take the micro sd card in and out to retrieve footage and it can be done while in the car after each event or journey.

The Dash View 40R features a supercapacitor, providing a longer battery lifespan and holding enough backup power to ensure any recording in progress is safely stored before the camera is powered off. With a larger range of operating temperatures than a traditional lithium-ion battery, the supercapacitor is ideal for users operating the Dash View 40R in areas with harsh Australian climate conditions.

The Speed & Red Light Camera Warnings are built into the Dash Cam alerting you while driving of upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras to remind drivers to slow down.

Another handy feature of the Dash View 40R is the WDR function which balances the light on days of high contrast, or at night when lights are bright, giving you sharper footage and great clarity. The footage lock protection feature means the footage is safe and won’t easily be deleted.

Included in the Dash View 40R is a hard wire kit to enable the Parking Mode feature. This is ideal in Shopping Centres and Parking Lots allowing you to record when your car is parked and the engine is switched off, the inbuilt sensor detects sudden vibration which will wake the hibernated Dash Cam and switch it on to start recording for a limited time.

With a sleek, high quality and a compact design the Dash View 40R is an excellent choice for Smart Dash Cams. With a brand with over 50 years of engineering excellence, the Uniden Dash Cam range is the obvious choice.

*Parking mode works only with the included Hard Wire Kit and when the car and the unit has been powered off, this mode turns on the unit if it detects vibration. The unit must have sufficient external power supplied in order to record and the G Sensor must also be turned on. #512GB is the maximum capacity Micro SD Card (32GB card included), Uniden recommends using UHS-II cards with UHS Speed Class rating with minimum class U1 Class 10 or above for minimum write performance of 10MB/S. † Image on packaging is for illustration purposes only. Captured footage is dependent on the position and location of the vehicle dash cam &/or rear/reverse camera. ^4k video resolution, 5 Megapixel Sony Starvis Sensor.

Uniden – Dashview 40 Series – Smart Dash Cams
Actual Day Forward Camera Footage
Actual Night Forward Camera Footage
  • Japanese Quality. Engineered for Australia
  • 4K 30fps Video Resolution Front Camera + Full HD Rear Camera
  • FULL HD Cabin Camera
  • Built in Wifi Data Transfer (2.4GHz)
  • 2.85” Wide Angle Colour LCD Screen
  • Safety Speed/Red Light Camera Warnings
  • Energy Saving Smart Parking Mode (Records In 60 Second Blocks)
  • 155° Sony Starvis Sensors Front Camera, 120° Cabin Camera, and 140° Rear Camera
  • Optimum Night Vision
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Smart One Touch Function Button
  • Smartphone App Available
  • H.264 ( Optimised Video Coding Technology than H.264. High efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format) 20~60% more Recording)
  • Includes Multi Level Cell 32GB Industrial Level SD Card
  • Windows/Mac Viewer
  • Built in GPS
  • Built in G Sensor
  • Loop Recording
  • Event Recording
  • 2 Year Warranty (SD card and accessories 6 months)

**Note Rear Camera Cable Length is 6 Metres**

  • 1 X Dash View 40R
  • 1 X Rear View Camera
  • 1 X 32GB Industrial Level Micro SD Card
  • 1 X Hardwire Kit (4M)
  • 1 X Sticker Mount Brackets
  • 1 X 3M Cigarette Charger with USB (3.6M)



  • Uniden Dash View Mac Desktop Viewer | Click here
  • Uniden Dash View PC Desktop Viewer | Click here
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How is the dashcam powered?

Our dashcam is charged by the DC power adapter. All dashcams are powered through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

Where will the recordings or photos be saved?

The data will be saved onto an SD card (not included).

Does the dashcam come with a SD Card?

The memory card does not come with the device. It has to be purchased separately.

Does the GPS system also navigate when driving?

The GPS is for geo-tagging purposes only, so it is not for GPS Navigation system.

Does the dashcam have a built-in battery?

Yes. The dashcam is equipped with a built-in battery.

Is the dashcam able to record when the vehicle is parked?

The dashcam has parking mode feature and you will need to turn this feature on. It will start recording once the G-Sensor detected motion. Please check the owner’s manual for more details.

Is it safe to hardwire the dashcam in my vehicle?

It is safe to hardwire the device to your car battery but we recommend getting a vehicle electrician to install for you.

Can I turn off the audio recording function?

Yes. Please go to the setting menu and turn the audio recording option off. Please refer to owner’s manual for more information.

Do I need to manually turn on the dashcam each time I start the vehicle?

No, the dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording when the cigarette adaptor plug receives power.

How do I play the recorded video files?

We recommend using VLC media player to play the video files. If you wish to play the geo-tagged data, you will need to download the relevant GPS player from Uniden product page. The geo-tagged data will display on the GPS player.

Where is the geo-tagging information saved?

The geo-tagging information is saved in the SD card and usually, these files are hidden. You will need to enable ‘view hidden file’ in PC.

Can I connect an external hard drive to the dashcam?

No. All the dashcams are designed to save video recordings onto an SD card only.

What will happen when the SD card is full?

The recorded files are automatically saved to the SD card. When the SD card becomes full, the camera’s loop recording function will automatically loop/recycle the oldest video recording and creates a new one from available space. If you want to ensure that a particular file does not erase, please refer the owner’s manual for more information.

Dash View® 60+
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