Guardian App Cam Solo – 4 Cameras

Wire-Free FULL HD Weatherproof Smart Camera – Quad Pack


The App Cam Solo is a full HD, weatherproof smart camera. Completely wire-free, the app cam is battery powered with advanced power-saving technology featuring up to 180 days standby time. With quick and easy installation, the camera can be placed anywhere inside or outside of the home.

Offering a 130-degree viewing angle, which provides a greater field of vision, the Guardian App Cam Solo can be fitted to any flat surface with an easy-to-install magnetic base. Also included is an optional screw base for those more easy-to-reach areas, such as the front door. Cameras can be twisted to an angle to suit any situation and easily moved around the home without the need to re-wire or place near a power source, providing complete flexibility when setting up viewing angles.

The App Cam Solo connects directly to the local Wi-Fi network and features motion detection recording directly to an SD card. Users can access the App Cam Solo with a Smartphone or tablet via the free to download Uniden Solo app, which also provides users remote access to the cameras to check-in from anywhere in the world. With optional app push notifications when motion or sound is detected, users can be reassured the home is safe while at work or on holiday.

Users can connect as many cameras as they wish in areas such as the driveway, garage, front and back entrances and upstairs. The camera can even be used to check on pets or babies while in other areas of the house.

The camera features PIR motion sensor, which detects movement and will send notifications to the user via the app. Users have the ability to two-way talk in real time through the camera, for easy communication with visitors including couriers, while also acting as a deterrent to unwanted guests.

The flexible, innovative Uniden App Cam Solo camera provides peace of mind at home or while away.

^ Based on full capacity 4 X CR123A battery with 1400mAh with one detection a day only. More detections than once a day and use of the App Cam Solo will reduce the standby time.
*IP 65 Weatherproof is defined as no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight) and water projected in jets (6.3mm nozzle) against the enclosure of the camera from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
  • 100% Wire-Free
  • Up to 180 Days Standby Time^
  • Two Way Talk
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Night Vision – Up to 10 Metres
  • Remote Access Through your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Low-Battery Notifications
  • Rapid Wake-Up
  • Place & Move Anywhere where there Is WiFi
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Weatherproof Design (IP65)*
  • FULL HD 1080P
  • 130 Wide Viewing Angle
  • Motion Detection Record (Optional)
  • Battery Powered
  • Innovative Installation Design
  • 4 x App Cam Solo Camera
  • 4 x Flat Mount
  • 4 x Screw Mount
  • 16 x CR123A Batteries
  • 4 x Case Opening Tool
  • 8 x Mounting Screw Kit
  • 4 x Reset Tool


What kind of batteries work with the camera?

CR123A batteries work with the camera. To obtain the best battery life, please DO NOT mix new and old batteries in use or batteries from different brands. Please purchase the batteries in our online shop.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes, rechargeable batteries with a voltage range between 3.7V – 4.2V is compatible, but the camera does not support to charge the batteries directly.

How long can a full level battery work?

Normally the new batteries for App Cam Solo can last:
Stand-by: 6 months, based on 1 Detection A Day.
Constant working: 10 hours for day session or 5 hours in night mode.
Working duration of batteries from different brands may be different.

What is the battery life on both the disposable as well as the rechargeable ones?

Both disposable and rechargeable battery’s lives depend on battery brand and whether it is working in daytime or at night.
For disposable batteries, it can work about 800 mins at daytime and 400 mins at night.
For rechargeable batteries, it can work about 500mins at daytime and 250 mins at night.

Are the batteries included?

Four disposable batteries are included in the package with the camera.

When the battery is low, does the camera send a warning or display a warning in the camera feed?

If the battery is running low, the camera will send you a push notification every day until the batteries are replaced. The Battery icon on the Battery status page will turn to red.

Can I power off the camera? How do I do so?

There is no power button on the camera or power off option in Uniden Solo App.
If you want to power off the camera, please take out all the batteries.

SD Card/Storage

Can I replace the SD card? What is the maximum SD card storage supported?

Common SD card is supported and the maximum storage supported is 64GB.

Do I need to use a micro SD card?

If you don’t use a micro SD card for this camera, you can save recordings manually via the mobile APP which will reduce the life of the battery. If the camera works with an SD card, when the camera detects the motion events, it will automatically save the recordings to the SD card. So we recommend using a micro SD card.

Can APP CAM Solo record to its SD card without a WiFi connection?

Yes, this camera can record motion detection to SD card without a WiFi connection, but you need to activate this camera via WiFi or hotspot when you first get it.

Motion Detection

Does this camera alert someone when the motion sensor is triggered by sounds or lights?

The sound alert is on the camera side when motion is detected.
Yes, you can receive push notification text, email alert on the App from your device.

Can I turn off the siren when motion is detected?

Yes, the siren can be turned off. Go to alarm option and disable Siren.

What is the distance of the motion detection?

The PIR sensor’s detecting distance is 6 meters.

Network Connection

Does this camera require that I forward ports in my router?

App Cam Solo support P2P technology, you can access it by scanning QR code on the camera. You don’t need to forward ports on your router.

Why do you call it “Wire-Free" but still need to connect with WiFi?

It’s a WiFi camera, so it has to connect to WiFi. But it’s 100% wire-free when connecting it to WiFi, it doesn’t need an Ethernet cable like traditional WiFi cameras usually do.

What is the range of the App Cam Solo Camera?

It depends on the range of your router & network coverage. Network repeaters can be used to extend the distance of your network coverage.

Notification / Recording

Can you play back the recorded footage with the app or do you have to view the footage on the SD card through the computer?

Either of the methods works, you can either playback recorded footage with the App, or you could take the SD card out and view the footage on the computer.

In the “push notifications", do you receive the picture image in the notification or only text notification?

There is no image in the notification, text only.

Does it have a mic?

Yes, it has a mic and supports two way audio.

Can you schedule the camera?

Yes, you could schedule the camera via Uniden Solo App, Device settings>PIR Settings>Schedule

Can you operate this camera to record without using your smartphone?

: This camera is triggered to record by motion detection, not your phone.

What is the length of recording?

A motion detection will record for 6 seconds. If there is continuous motion detection, the camera will continue recording. Each video will be cut into 5 mins at most to store in SD card.


App Cam Screw Mount
App Cam Screw Mount
App Cam Screw Mount for the App Cam Solo Range of Security Wirefree Cameras
App Cam Solo Flat Mount
App Cam Solo Flat Mount
Flat Mount Bracket for the App Cam Solo Range
4 X CR123A Batteries to suit the App Cam Solo Wirefree Security Range of Cameras
Micro SD 3.0 16GB U1 MLC
Micro SD 3.0 32GB U1 MLC
Micro SD 3.0 64GB U3 MLC


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