GXVR 55880

Guardian 4MP 2K Thermal-Sensing Ai XVR Security System Including 8 Wired Bullet Weatherproof Cameras – 8 Channel


Introducing Uniden’s latest 2K (4MP) Resolution Thermal-Sensing XVR Security System, Ideal for securing homes and businesses with 24/7 surveillance. This is the flagship security system offering from Uniden.

What makes the GXVR 55xxx Security Series so unique and innovative is the Ai intelligence built into the security system. These Ai features include Intrusion Detection, Smart IR Night Vision, Face Detection and a Trip Wire Feature.

Intrusion Detection

The Intrusion Detection feature monitors a predefined virtual delegated area, automatically detecting entry or departure. The security system analyses the subjects dimension ratio to reduce false alarms. A push notification will be then sent to your smartphone or tablet. While Face Detection technology accurately detects human faces, captures facial images and triggers recording and sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet.

Face Detection (Left) & Trip Wire (Right) features

The Trip Wire Feature allows you to line mark a door, window or any other important area. When it detects movement, a snapshot is taken and notification sent to your smartphone or tablet. Smart IR adjusts the light for a better close up look at the object. Normal security cameras use a static IR, which can lead to overexposure and blurring of critical details. Once the object has passed, the security cameras revert to normal view mode.

Standard Night Vision Camera (Left) & Smart IR Night Vision Camera (Right)

What makes the GXVR 55xxx Series so superior is its featured XVR Technology that enables both wired cameras and IP cameras to compatibly work together. This is ideal where network cables are in hard to reach places around the home allowing you to add a wireless IP Camera to the system for more complete coverage. In addition, this Series also features the innovative Thermo Sense Technology which uses a smart heat sensor that detects motion from people as opposed to movement from trees and false alarms. Thermo Sense Technology allows you to receive notifications from actual events, giving you the ability to act quickly and call the police when needed.

This integrated system offers exceptional 2K (4MP) camera ensuring all the details you need are crystal clear. Remotely view direct footage from the Smartphone App or from the XVR to your smart devices wherever you are in the world in real-time. This is Ideal for both home and business owners who require the upmost security and protection.

The GXVR 55xxx series allows you to respond quickly when there are unexpected movements or when reviewing stored recordings. The included surveillance grade hard drive of 2TB allows you to continuously and simultaneously record all 4 weatherproof^ cameras, giving you greater security protection in your home or business in any environment.

The build and quality of the GXVR 55xxx series is engineered in a way to ensure the surveillance guarantees you the best and most reliable security solution. With its weatherproof cameras that have been designed for Australian and New Zealand weather conditions, protecting against dust and strong rain and its smart IR night vision feature that adjusts the light for a better close up look at the object up to 30 metres. Normal security cameras use a static IR, which can lead to overexposure and blurring of critical details. Once the object has passed, the security camera will revert to normal view mode.

Up to 2 Channels can be captured on the Uniden Cloud for extra piece of mind so the footage is held offsite (i.e. Note subscription charge will apply). The GXVR 55xxx Series also have H.265 video compression; allowing you to save up to 50 per cent on bandwidth and storage, allowing for more video storage when compared to H.264.

^SD & Cloud Backup and View – Works with up to 2 Channels Only, recording up to 960H resolution.

* Weatherproof – IP65 and IP66 Designed for conditions, protecting against dust and strong rain.

# Remote View – Free APP Guardian 365PRO (available for Apple and Android, for Smartphones and tablets).

+ Ultimate Flexibility – Use as a standalone camera and light or extend your GXVR55 series security system.

~ Motion Detection – Can be triggered by the PIR sensor in the camera.

Requires WiFi router and internet connection and under same network domain.

  • 4MP (2K Resolution)
  • Thermo Sense (Heat and Movement Sensor Detection)~
  • AI Intelligence
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Smart IR Night Vision
  • Trip Wire Feature
  • Face Detection Feature
  • 2TB Storage Capacity
  • XVR Technology – Wired Cameras + IP Cameras Compatible
  • H.265 Video Compression Technology
  • Smart Push Notifications & Email Alerts
  • SD and Cloud Backup
  • Record & Watch Footage Via Tablet or Smartphone
  • Ultra Wide PIR Detection Angle 110°
  • Surveillance Grade Hard Drive
  • Weatherproof*
  • 8 Channels
  • 8 Cameras
  • Remote Viewing#
  • USB Backup
  • Ultimate Flexibility+
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 X GXVR55800 DVR Unit
  • 8 X Weatherproof* Outdoor Cameras (GDC5510)
  • 8 X BNC Power Cable (18 Metres)
  • 1 X Power Supply
  • 2 X 1 to 4 Power Splitter Power Adaptors
  • 1 X Ethernet Cable
  • 4 X Security Stickers
  • 8 X Mounting Screw Kits
  • 1 X Mouse
  • iPhone App | Click here to download Guardian 365 Pro App
  • Android App | Click here to download Guardian 365 Pro App
Free App Guardian 365 Pro
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Optional Indoor Camera with Metal Case
Optional Indoor Camera with Metal Case (Motorised)
Optional Outdoor Camera
Optional Outdoor Camera with Metal Case
Optional Outdoor Motorised Camera for GCVR 4/8/16 Security Series
App Cam X55 (Top Left)
Guardian App Cam X55
Smart Security Outdoor FULL HD (2MP) Weatherproof Camera
App Cam X56 (Angle Bottom)
Guardian App Cam X56
Smart Security FULL HD (2MP) Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera
App Cam XLIGHT (Angle)
Guardian App Cam XLIGHT
Smart Security WiFi FULL HD (2MP) Camera and Spotlight in 1