UH750 Car Kit

UHF Car Kit Including Cigarette Lead Battery Saver Charger and Magnetic Antenna


Introducing Uniden’s new UHF Car Kit designed specifically for the UH750 and UH750-2. This Accessory Car Kit enables you to charge your UHF handheld radio while you’re on the road, regardless of location.

In addition, you can increase the performance of your UH750 radio with the AT-820 portable Antenna also included in the Car Kit. Ideal for those moving from vehicle to vehicle and also an excellent option for Sedans, Trucking, 4WD, Agricultural and Construction Equipment. The AT820 is a rugged and durable antenna kit to suit your driving needs. With a strong magnetic base, the AT820 is a solid choice for temporary installations.

*Charge time of 3.5hrs when radio is off.

# The CK078 cigarette lead charger is not waterproof. Ensure the radio is dry before connecting to the cigarette lead charger.

AT820 Antenna

  • 2.5 dBi Portable Antenna Kit with Strong Magnetic Base
  • 3.0 Low Loss Coax Cable
  • Terminated FME Female Connector including SMA and PL259 Adaptor
  • 123.5mm Height

CK078 Cigarette Lead Battery Saver Charger

  • +12VDC to +24VDC Input Power
  • 0°C to 45°C
  • 3.5hrs Charge time*
  • 1 X AT-820 Magnetic Antenna with 3m Cable
  • 1 X CK078 Cigarette Lead Battery Saver Charger
  • 1 X Owner’s Manual