VHF DSC Class D Marine Radio


Ideal for off-shore communications, this watertight UM425VHF is the flagship of all VHF marine models. The watertight radio housing is certified to meet the worldwide JIS6 water-resistance specification*. It has a rugged waterproof and submersible speaker microphone, meeting the world JIS7 specification^ and includes Channel Select, One-Touch 16/9 and Triple Watch Select Keys.

Equipped with dual speakers for better sound clarity, the UM425VHF has one speaker at the front of the unit and a second speaker built into the microphone handpiece.

The DSC Class D function allows for selective calls to any vessel with a DSC marine radio. A Mobile Maritime Service Identity (MMSI) number is required to use DSC3. Send or display position information with the connection of an optional GPS receiver or optional chart plotter. Send an Emergency Distress signal at the touch of the Red Emergency button; this includes your MMSI number and GPS position.

The UM425VHF allows you to boost the transmission power from 1 watt to 25 watts for maximum transmission distance. The Extra Large LCD Display and Keypad is backlit for easy viewing at night or in low light situations. The microphone and controls are made out of non slip rubberised material making it comfortable and secure to handle.

Designed in Japan to offer outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations, this off-shore radio represents the highest level of quality and performance in marine radios. Uniden’s UM425VHF is durable and ideal enough for boating, marine, fishermen, commercial use and so much more. With extended range and crystal clear sound, the UM425VHF is the ultimate in VHF marine communications.

* Watertight Radio Housing: Meets the world standard JIS6, being defined as able to withstand powerful water jets without damage

^ Waterproof Speaker Microphone: Meets the world standard JIS7, being defined as having no ingress of water when immersed to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

# For VHF DSC usage in Australian waters refer to the Regulations and Safety Warnings page in the owner’s manual.

  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Marine Conditions
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Watertight Radio Housing*: Meets the worldwide JIS6 water-resistance specification, which means the radio is able to withstand powerful water jets without damage
  • Rugged Waterproof and Submersible Speaker Microphone^: With Channel Select, One-Touch 16/9 and Triple Watch Select Keys. Meets the worldwide JIS7 waterproof specification; submersible at 1 metre depth for 30 minutes
  • DSC (Digital Selective Calling)#: Advanced DSC Class D functions, including DSC Position Send Request and Test Call Features
  • GPS Input/Output: Connect optional GPS receiver for position input, or output received positions to an optional chart plotter
  • Dual Speakers: One speaker is mounted at the front of the unit allowing better sound clarity and the second speaker is built into the microphone hand piece.
  • Built-in PA Output: Connect optional PA speaker for Public Address and Siren Function.
  • Full Dot matrix LCD Display: Extra Large, bright display with contrast and brightness control.
  • 1W/25W Transmitter Power Level Select: Lets you boost the transmitter power from 1 watt to 25 watts for maximum transmission distance.
  • Variable Squelch Level Knob: Adjust the threshold of the receiver to eliminate background noise whenever a transmission is not being received
  • Volume Control Knob: Rotary Power on/off and volume control
  • Intuitive Menu: User friendly menu select.
  • Triple Watch Mode: Monitors Channel 16 and Channel 9 simultaneously for a signal while at the same time allowing you to listen to another selected channel.
  • One-Touch Channel 16/9: At the touch of a button you have access to emergency channel 16 or channel 9.
  • Programmable Memory & Scan: Allows you to program channels into the memory and then scan the memory.
  • International Channels: Communicate using International Marine VHF channels.
  • Battery Level Display and Tone: Sounds an alert tone if the battery voltage goes too high or too low.
  • Back-Lit Keys and Display
  • Size: 65mm (H) x 162mm (W) x 126mm (L)
  • Weight: 900g (With MIC)
  • And More!


Genuine Uniden Accessory
Flush Mounting Bracket to suit the UM425VHF and the UM423AM.
Genuine Uniden Accessory
Extension Speaker to suit the MC2800, UM425 VHF, UM423 AM, UH012SX, UH015SX, UH400SX, UH400SX-RM, UH500SX, UH500SX-RM, PRO530XL, PRO630XL, UBCD996T and UBCT9.