Conference Speakerphone – Dual Mode (PSTN + VoIP)


Uniden is proud to introduce its first conference speakerphone ideal for businesses of all size… the VP300 Conference Speakerphone with Dual Mode allows for both PSTN + VoIP* lines and is perfect for the modern office that want to remain connected.

This easy to Install system comes equipped with SonicClearâ„¢ II Technology, PSTN and Native VoIP* Support. The VP300 system also comes with a Recording Function which is great to record those key discussion points in a meeting.

Ideal for Office use or as a Business Application.

The VP300 Conference Speakerphone System also features optional Expandable Microphones with Audio output function and a Modern Stylish Design. The VP300 Conference Speakerphone brings you exceptional voice quality and talking range.

Bi-Directional Microphones aid in Noise Suppression which Purifies Voice Signals for all Parties in the Conversation.

With Phonebook Search & Dial and up to 140 Phonebook Entries makes the VP300 Conference Speakerphone the ideal system for your business Office/Business needs.

* Caller ID, VoIP & SIP features work only if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephony company. There is usually a fee for this service.
  • Conference Speakerphone
  • Dual Mode – PSTN & VoIP* enabled
  • Conversation Record with Ability to Record Meetings
  • Full-Duplex Conversation and Crystal-Clear Voice
  • Compatible with 3 SIP* Accounts
  • DSP – Digital Signal Processing for extreme noise reduction
  • Bi-Directional Microphone for Noise Suppression which Purifies Voice Signal For All Parties in Conversation
  • Easy to Install
  • LCD and Caller ID* Display
  • Caller ID* History
  • Call Forwarding
  • Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier
  • External Microphone Compatible
  • Speaker Volume Adjustable: 15 Level
  • Ideal for Office or Business Application
  • Phonebook – Up to 140 Entries
  • Phonebook Search and Dial
  • Alarm Setting Function
  • VP300 Dimensions: 75mm (H) X 400mm (W) X 400mm (D)
  • VP300 Weight: 1299 grams