Mini Compact Size Waterproof and Dustproof UHF CB Mobile


Staying connected with co-workers while driving a property can be tough without the right radio equipment, and risks important messages being missed due to loud machinery or vehicles noise.

The new Uniden XTRAK 40 is an IP67 rated waterproof CB radio designed to fit into quad bikes and agricultural vehicles, providing clear transmission between users in loud outdoor environments. With 12/24 voltage, this UHF radio is ideal to install in almost any vehicle.

Built rugged and designed to withstand Australia’s tough climate, the XTRAK 40 is waterproof and dust proof, making it the perfect communication tool for any exposed or open vehicle setting. A compact design allows the radio to fit neatly into any vehicle and features dual speakers in both the heavy-duty speaker microphone and the CB radio case, allowing the user to hear communications clearly while operating loud equipment.

Unique to the market, the instant replay function records up to three minutes of transmission allowing the user to replay the conversation again in the event a communication is missed. Smart Mic Technology enables effortless switching between voice enhancer, instant replay, instant channel or the call tone feature. The voice enhancer provides four audio level settings (normal, bass, midrange and high) naturally enhancing transmissions for super clarity and performance.

The compact XTRAK 40 is a UHF radio and scanner in one and includes Master Scan® for groups of users to seamlessly communicate on a range of channels. If communication is interrupted, all radios within the group will automatically transfer to another available channel so that uninterrupted communication can continue.

The Uniden XTRAK 40 transmits and receives messages from up to 80 channels including police and fire frequencies. Users wanting to monitor more than one channel can use the triple watch function, allowing up to two channels, plus the standby channel to be monitored every 1.5 seconds.

The CB radio case has a large LCD display providing clear and easy-to-read information. Users can choose from seven backlit colour options and can change the display brightness from one of the four options (off, low, mid, high), if visibility is poor.

The XTRAK 40 provides hassle-free, clear communication for users looking for an outdoor CB radio solution that is built to last.

*Please note: CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited. CH 61, 62 & 63 are for future use and are receive only channels.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

△ 1 year warranty on included accessories

# Within 400-520MHz band only. This scanner can only listen to and receive unencrypted analogue transmissions

^ IP67 Standard: Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins and dust-tight being no ingress of dust.

  • Instant Replay Function – Up to 3 Minutes
  • Dual Speakers – Speaker Mic + Base
  • 12/24 Voltage Suitable For Any Vehicle
  • Mini compact size 29mm (H) x 128mm (W) x 103mm (D)
  • IP67 rating, waterproof and dust proof
  • 80 UHF narrowband channels
  • Master Scan®
  • UHF and scanner in one
  • 12/24 voltage
  • Waterproof^
  • 100 extra receiver channels
  • External speaker jack (rear)
  • 100 extra receive only channels: (400-520 MHz in 12.5 kHz Steps)
  • Heavy duty speaker microphone with Smart Key Function
  • Mic Smart Key Technology
  • Large LCD display feature
  • 7 colour LCD / backlit options
  • Voice enhancer
  • Interference eliminator (CTCSS)
  • Digital coded squelch (DCS)
  • Built-In AVS circuitry
  • 5W transmission power
  • Signal strength and RF power (S/RF) meter
  • Instant channel programming and recall
  • Open scan
  • Duplex capability
  • Triple watch
  • Key beep on / off feature
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • Busy channel lock-out function
  • Roger beep function on/off
  • Call tones
  • Key lock
  • Power on/off control switch
  • Designed and engineered in Japan
  • Built for rugged Australia and New Zealand conditions
  • 1 X XTRAK 40 UHF Radio
  • 1 X Speaker Microphone (MK-840WP)
  • 1 X Microphone Hanger
  • 1 X Slide Mount Bracket
  • 1 X DC Power Cord
  • 1 X Owner’s Manual


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