If your Uniden product is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps. If you are still unable to resolve the problems, please contact Uniden Customer Service for assistance.


Charge light won't come on when Handset is placed in the Base Unit?

  • Make sure AC Adapter is plugged into the telephone Base Unit and the wall outlet.
  • Make sure Handset is properly seated in Base Unit.
  • Make sure that the charging contacts on the Handset and Base Unit are clean.

There are no lights on the Base Unit?

Make sure the AC adaptor is connected to electrical power at all times.

The telephone only operated after the first time the handset was charged?

Make sure the AC adaptor is connected to electrical power at all times and the handset is recharged regularly.

The batteries do not work in my new cordless phone?

The batteries need an initial uninterrupted charge of 15-20 hours before use.

Should I leave the handset back on the base after the batteries are fully recharged?

There is no problem in leaving the handset back on the base all the time, even after short periods of usage. It will not form a memory effect. However, it is recommended that once every 3 months discharge the batteries completely (by leaving the handset off the base. Use the telephone as you would normally until the battery low light starts flashing) and then top up the charge again for 15-20 hours.

The handset beeps?

Recharge the battery for 15-20 hours. Check to see that the battery in the handset is connected properly. If it continues to beep the battery may need replacing.


Audio sounds weak and/or scratchy. Interference is evident on my analogue phone?

  • Make sure that the Base Unit antenna is fully extended and vertical.
  • Move the Handset and/or Base Unit to different locations and try again.
  • Press the (chan) button (if available on the keypad) to select another channel.
  • Make sure no other device is sharing the same AC power outlet as the cordless phone.

Interference is evident on my digital phone?

Move any metal objects away from the base. Make sure no other device is sharing the same AC power outlet as the cordless phone.

Only continuous static is heard from the Handset and the phone will not turn off?

  • The power has been interrupted during a call.
  • Restore power to the Base Unit.
  • If a power failure has occurred and power will be out for some time, remove the battery from the Handset. This will prevent the battery from completely discharging.

The handset and base make a humming noise?

Disconnect the AC adaptor from the back of the Base Unit and re-connect it after 5 minutes.


Can't make or receive calls. There is no dial tone?

  • Check that both ends of the Base Unit telephone line cord are connected
  • Make sure the AC Adapter is plugged into the Base Unit and wall outlet.
  • Make sure the battery in your handset in connected properly
  • Disconnect the AC Adapter for a few minutes, and then reconnect it and ensure the power is turned on.


Handset does not ring or receive a page?

  • Nickel-Cadmium battery pack may be weak. Clean the contacts on the Base Unit. Charge the battery on the Base Unit for 15-20 hours.
  • Extend the Base Unit antenna vertically.
  • The Handset may be too far away from the Base Unit.
  • Place the Base Unit away from noise sources.
  • Make sure the AC adaptor is plugged in and turned on.
  • The Digital Security Code may be erased. Set the Digital Code (see the Phone’s Operating Manual)

The Base Unit does not ring?

Make sure the base unit ringer switch is not on the LO or OFF position. Switch it to HI.


How do I activate caller ID?

Contact your service provider to arrange this (eg Telstra, Optus, Telecom etc). Without subscribing, this service will not operate.

How can I access call waiting?

When you hear the call waiting signal press ‘Flash’ and then Number 2, which will automatically pick up this second caller. The first/original caller will be placed on hold. To switch back to the first caller press ‘Flash’ and Number 1. Make sure that the phone is on tone setting.

Call waiting is not working?

Make sure the T / P switch on the base unit is in the tone position. Also check with your service provider that you have call waiting activated.


Range is limited?

Make sure no other appliance is sharing the same power outlet. Extend the antenna fully on the base unit.

The answering machine is not answering calls?

Make sure the REC TIME is not positioned in the ANN position on the Base Unit.

Telephone banking is not working?

Make sure the T / P switch on the base is on the T- tone position.

How do I extend the number of rings?

Press the answer button on the base (answer off), this will give you up to 15 rings before the answering machine turns on and takes the message.

The clock on the answering machine looses time?

Reset your answering machine and reset the clock again. Make sure the base unit has an uninterrupted power source.

I cannot record an outgoing message?

The memory may be full. Delete some of your stored messages or reset your answering machine and re-record your outgoing message.

How do you store phone numbers to memory?

Press the Memory key, followed by the telephone number you wish to store, then press the Memory key again and then the number location to which you wish to store this number.

Will my phone work overseas?

No, it has been engineered and powered for Australian conditions only.

What do I do if my phone gets wet?

Unplug all leads, dry the unit as best you can and take the unit for service immediately.

The earpiece volume is not loud enough?

Press the Volume button during a call to change the audio level.

The ringer volume is not loud enough?

Press the Volume button while the phone is not in use to change the ringer volume.