Uniden Cordless Phone Power Failure Backup Pack Accessory


Can you call during a emergency blackout? Introducing the new Uniden Cordless Phone Power Failure Backup Pack giving you peace of mind that your home communication will always be working in a power failure. The BP-100 gives you up to an additional 3 Hours of Talk Time and up to 4.5 Hours of standby time when a power blackout occurs when 3 battery packs are installed in the unit (2 battery packs are included in the pack).

Designed and engineered in Japan, this handy accessory is compatible with the following Uniden Cordless Phone Systems:

  • SS E35/37 Series
  • XDECT R055 Series
  • ELITE 9135 Series
  • XDECT 8055 Series
  • XDECT 8015 Series

Includes (2 X BT694 Cordless Phone Batteries)