UHF CB Mobile – DIN Size with Speaker Mic and Masterscan™


Uniden is paving the way in UHF radio communication with its new UH8055S UHF CB mobile radio featuring the new Master Scanâ„¢ technology.

The UH8055S UHF CB mobile radio is ideal for a variety of road users looking for an advanced DIN in-car mount UHF solution, including truck, 4WD and recreational drivers.

The latest innovation added to the Uniden UHF range, Master Scanâ„¢ technology, is designed to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication and offers users to seamlessly communicate on a group of channels. If your current channel is interrupted by outsiders, all radios in your group will automatically jump to a new clear channel allowing uninterrupted communicate to continue.

Using pre-batched group channels also helps to avoid complicated settings by preloading group channels. Using Uniden’s world recognised BearCat scanning technology, the UH8055S can scan unencrypted analogue UHF police, fire and ambulance frequencies, UHF CB Channels and user programmable channels at the same time. It also has 100 user programmable RX channels allowing users to select from 100 receivable channels.

Featuring Instant Replay, the UH8055S can record and replay up to one minute of recent received signals ensuring important transmissions are not missed. The UHF mobile unit is also +12V and +24V DC power input compatible, making it a versatile inclusion to most vehicles available on the market.

Built for rugged Australian conditions, the new UHF radio has been temperature tested to withstand harsh summers and is shock resistant for high performance, even when travelling across rugged terrain. For added peace of mind, the UH8055S is backed by Uniden’s five year platinum warranty.

Other advanced features include a microphone and a built-in large LCD backlit screen for easy, remote access to functions such as volume control and power on/off. Users can also choose from seven backlit display colours to suit personal preferences and lighting scenarios.

# Please Note: CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited. CH 61, 62 & 63 are for future use and are receive only channels.

* Within 400-520MHz band only.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • UHF-CB
  • 80 Narrowband Channels
  • 5 Watt Maximum TX Output Power
  • Built-In AVS Circuitry
  • Duplex Capabilities
  • Built-In Selective Calling (SELCALL) Feature
  • Roger Beep Function On/Off
  • 10 Different Call Tones
  • Special Features
  • 100 Extra Receive Only Channels(400-520MHz in 12.5kHz steps)
  • Bearcat Engine
  • Pre-programmed Police, Fire & Ambulance Frequencies
  • Instant Replay Function
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology
  • Control Features
  • DIN Size Head Unit with Big LCD
  • Heavy Duty Microphone
  • LCD Display with 7 Backlit Colours
  • LCD Brightness & Contrast Control
  • +12V to + 24 DC Power Input
  • Under and Over Voltage Alert Function
  • Signal Strength/Power Meter
  • External Speaker Jack
  • External MIC Jack (Rear)
  • Power On/Off Push Switch
  • Front MIC Jack
  • Variable Squelch Level Adjust or Auto Squelch with Optional
  • Remote SPK/MIC
  • Channel Features
  • Channel Select
  • Instant Channel Programming
  • One touch Instant Channel recalling
  • Dual Watch with Instant Channel
  • Group Scan and Priority Channel Watch
  • Open Scan
  • Scan Channel Memory On/Off
  • Separately with Open Scan, Group Scan
  • Busy Channel Lock-out Function
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • 1 x UH8055S
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone
  • 1 x Microphone Hanger
  • 1 x DIN Mount Bracket (Compatible with Various UHF Brands)
  • 1 x DC Power Cord with Fuse
  • 1 x Adaptor Cable (Compatible with Various UHF Brands)


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